Sunday, July 15, 2012


So I told you yesterday I got my Zoya Surf Collection and it was SOOO exciting!  Well then I went to Walgreens today and couldn't help myself I had to buy some other polishes that I really wanted to try out(I definatly needed more glitter anyway!)

Here's my haul(Zoyas included):

The Revlon double sided ones look like a whole lot of fun and can't wait to show you pictures of how those come out.
Anyway once I saw my new polish I got inspired to do something fun and summery.

natural light(left)

 These are some awesome watermelons.

natural light(right)

On my right hand I just did accent nails because I'm still working on getting better at using my bad hand.  My nails really make me have the urge to go on a picnic or visit a county fair, ha ha!  Anyway tomorrow I'll try out one of those double ended Revlons cause they look so awesome!

Zoya Meg
Zoya Kimber

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