Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today I had to take my baby boy to his six month doctors appointment...which means shots....  It was so sad, I don't know how those shot nurses can do it day in and day out.  But he's passed out now, hopefully he'll feel better when he wakes.

Anyway onward to my nails!  Last night I wanted to try out a splatter paint mani.  I happened to get coffee stirrers last time I was at the grocery so I'm like awesome here we go.  Well the ones I got were weird and extra tiny so you could barley get any air through it.  While doing these nails I HATED them, but now I'm kinda in love it's really strange how a manicure can grow on you.

This is the nails with a flash, the base colors actually look way different in person.  I used China Glazes Summer Neons to do this whole thing. The pinkish base is Under the Boardwalk, and the blue base is Ride the Waves.  The splatters are Sun Kissed(yellowish), Sun Worshiper(orangey), and Surfin' for Boys(coralish).

Finally here's a one more picture in natural light.  I honestly really like these nails, hopefully I can keep myself from peeling them off within the day :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I keep doing my nails, taking pictures then not even posting them so hopefully I can do more then one post each week.

I was going to take my son to the zoo today but I live in Texas and it has been a sweltering 102 degrees this past week and it makes doing anything outside exhausting.  So I've postponed my zoo trip and my zoo inspired nails until maybe Monday we'll see.

Anyway on to my nails!  Since I got my stamping set I've been going insane with trying out different patterns and I actually think I'm getting better.

For these I painted a base coat of China Glaze Heaven.  The stamp color is Essie Sure Shot, I just went back over some of the dots with more Sure Shot with my dotting tool(a bobby pin.)  Then I dotted some NYC Water Street Blue on there.  The stamp used is BM-209.  I REALLY like how these came out because at first I was like "Eh.."  But it was actually really pretty.  Anyway heres one more photo of them with the flash(ignore the ugly cuticles.)

Friday, June 22, 2012

Gradient Zebra

So I bought a stamping set and I was soo excited about getting it and trying it out.  Like checking the mail box every day to see when it would be delivered excited.  Within 2 days of ordering it the plates arrive I'm like "Yes!".......12 days later the actual stamper arrives....  I know right you can't do anything without it, but its here now so let the fun begin.

I did a gradient nail and it actually came out pretty good this time (the first time I tried it was a disaster.)

It's done with A England's Avalon its a beautiful purple with a faint shimmer, it's actually one of my favorites  (a mothers day present from my husband.)  The pink color is Julep Maven's Niecy its a very good formula you could almost do this color in one coat. 

So anyway later that day I got my stamper HURRAH!! I did a zebra print over it.

This picture is with a flash, the white I used is NYC's French White Tip.  I wish it had been darker but I didn't actually buy the Konad polishes so this is what I was stuck with.  Oh and by the way the plate used is BM-223 from bundle monster.  Not bad for my very first try if I do say so myself.  Anyway something to look forward too, I hopefully will get America from Julep Maven in my next box and it looks like a really fun one.  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My First Blog.

So this is my very first blog and I decided to go the route of nail art.

Several months ago I stumbled upon a picture of these toe nails that were done so perfectly and all I could think is "Wow, how did they do that?"  ever since then I've been following nail art blogs and attempting to do my nails in pretty and different ways. 

A little bit about me I'm married with a six month old baby and I teach two year olds at a pre-school so as you can see I love children. Anyway enough about me for now here is a swatch I did of Julep Maven's Susie.

Its a nice baby blue with hints of green so it's almost minty.  I love the color that came out but it was a tad hard to apply, three coats and it still seemed a bit streaky.  I finished it with a NYC Grand central Station as my top coat but you could have gone without, I was just going for longevity.