Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I keep doing my nails, taking pictures then not even posting them so hopefully I can do more then one post each week.

I was going to take my son to the zoo today but I live in Texas and it has been a sweltering 102 degrees this past week and it makes doing anything outside exhausting.  So I've postponed my zoo trip and my zoo inspired nails until maybe Monday we'll see.

Anyway on to my nails!  Since I got my stamping set I've been going insane with trying out different patterns and I actually think I'm getting better.

For these I painted a base coat of China Glaze Heaven.  The stamp color is Essie Sure Shot, I just went back over some of the dots with more Sure Shot with my dotting tool(a bobby pin.)  Then I dotted some NYC Water Street Blue on there.  The stamp used is BM-209.  I REALLY like how these came out because at first I was like "Eh.."  But it was actually really pretty.  Anyway heres one more photo of them with the flash(ignore the ugly cuticles.)

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