Friday, June 22, 2012

Gradient Zebra

So I bought a stamping set and I was soo excited about getting it and trying it out.  Like checking the mail box every day to see when it would be delivered excited.  Within 2 days of ordering it the plates arrive I'm like "Yes!".......12 days later the actual stamper arrives....  I know right you can't do anything without it, but its here now so let the fun begin.

I did a gradient nail and it actually came out pretty good this time (the first time I tried it was a disaster.)

It's done with A England's Avalon its a beautiful purple with a faint shimmer, it's actually one of my favorites  (a mothers day present from my husband.)  The pink color is Julep Maven's Niecy its a very good formula you could almost do this color in one coat. 

So anyway later that day I got my stamper HURRAH!! I did a zebra print over it.

This picture is with a flash, the white I used is NYC's French White Tip.  I wish it had been darker but I didn't actually buy the Konad polishes so this is what I was stuck with.  Oh and by the way the plate used is BM-223 from bundle monster.  Not bad for my very first try if I do say so myself.  Anyway something to look forward too, I hopefully will get America from Julep Maven in my next box and it looks like a really fun one.  Thanks for reading!

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