Tuesday, July 10, 2012


This weekend I bought a whole bunch of new nail polish; I ordered the Zoya Surf Collection it's going to be awesomeness(plus I got the set for just $24!!!!)  We dropped into Claire's where I picked up this little gizmo.

I've been wanting a striper so a snagged this(I got a purple one too).  Actually it was not only a striper but a pen as well so it turned out to be a really neat new toy.

Here are my nails, ignore my pinkie it's awful.  The base coat is Hot Hue from the Revlon Nail Art Neons.  By the way if you purchase this it's a double ended polish that comes with a bright neon color and a white base.  You're supposed to paint a coat of the white then the neon so it stands out.  Well I did that to begin with and it was such a streaky mess that I took it all off and just stuck with the neon color.

On this hand I was gonna attempt to do a mirror of what I did on my left but my husband got all excited and wanted to do his own thing so I was like why not. 

In the end I really like the nail art pen/brush I got, it actually worked out really well and I can not wait to do more ideas with it.

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