Thursday, July 12, 2012


So I've been super busy these past couple of days.  I have been cleaning up an old house and it has been raining cats and dogs for the past four days. 

Plus during all that I have been reveling in my guilty pleasure "Pretty Little Liars", a netflix marathon of it.  The funny thing is half the time I stare at the fact that the girls in it have there fingernails done in multiple shades during each episode.  And I think where do they find the time during all their mystery solving, when I can barley find time and I just take care of my son.  But I digress it is just a T.V. show and Erik(my son) will be seven months tomorrow so YAY!

Anyway onto the nails.

natural light

I actually did a swatch!  I don't normally do that but I picked up this color and it was so pretty that I wanted to keep them plain jane for a bit.  The polish is Wet N Wild's I Need a Refresh-Mint, which I have heard is a dupe of China Glaze's For Audrey.  Sadly I don't have the polish so I can't show to see if it's actually true. 

I also did my cuticles for the first time ever, what do ya think?  I think they came out pretty freakin awesomeness; usually when I look at other peoples blogs I'm like I wish I had there cuticles but now mine are so nice.

Anyway after wearing this for a few days I was like lets add some details.

natural light

This was really fun to do but my top coat kinda screwed up the purple on my index.  The colors are L'Oreal Tweet Me(yellow), China Glaze I'm with the Lifeguard(green), China Glaze Surfin' for the Boys(coraly redish),and China Glaze Sun Worshipper(orange).  The black and purple are those nail art pens I got at Claire's they have no name :(.  I'll be busy all day tomorrow but hopefully tomorrow night I can post, I did some Galaxy nails and they are so cute.  Anyway until next time!

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