Sunday, July 29, 2012


OMG it has been forever since I last blogged!  So sorry but I have been beyond busy especially since I’m going back to work super soon.  BUT since it’s been so long I do have a bunch of nails saved up that I need to post soooo on with show...

Lookie what I got in the mail! Lime Crime!  It took maybe a week after I ordered it for it to arrive so it was pretty speedy service.

This is how it looked as I unboxed it!  So exciting!
It was in beautiful packaging; I just love how it came.  They were much smaller than I anticipated though, even though the web site did say 9 ml/.3 oz compared to the standard 15ml/.5 oz so I was surprised in that aspect. 
Here is a comparison of the Lime Crime bottle to a China Glaze bottle.
In the picture above is Lime Crime Peaches Cream and China Glaze Sun Worshipper
So far I have only worn one of the colors and that is Pastelchio, so here is a little swatch of that color on my nails.
I really like the way the end color looked.  It’s a very creamy bright green and it took three coats in this picture to achieve opaqueness.  The formula can be a tiny bit thick compared to other polishes to a point where as I pulled the brush out of the bottle it was stringy.  In the photos I did add a top coat to give it it's glossy finish.
Things to point out about this polish: it can be difficult to put on a nice thin coat at times but once it’s on, it is beautiful.  Also, I tried several of the colors for stamping and could not get it to work.  Now then again, maybe someone whose been stamping longer than I could, I’m not really sure.  It either would not pick up on the stamp or would only pick up a partial print.  I might try it again but after 45 minutes of attempting with several different colors I had to take a break.
Anyway, I hope you think this color is as beautiful as I did and I plan to post all week so stay tuned!

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