Monday, July 16, 2012


I told you yesterday that I was going to try out the new Revlon Moon Candy and I have to say it looks pretty awesomesauce!

lamp light 

natural light

This is how my nails came out, in the sunlight there beauty really shines the flaky glitter catches the light and just sparkles beautifully.  If you look at the two different pictures the polish looks drastically different between artificial light and natural light.

There is one problem with this nail polish the glittery part was a PAIN to apply.  The base coat went on perfectly; one coat was practically opaque it was just the glitter end that was my problem.  Now granted I may not have the best glitter/flaky polish skills but the fact that I had to focus every ounce of my attention on keeping the stuff on my brush made it a difficult process.   I don’t know maybe I just need to use this kind of polish more to see if it is me or the polish.  Tonight I plan on trying another Moon Candy so we will see how that goes.

All negatives aside I would defiantly use this again because I love the way the manicure looks on my nails its chunky, sparkly, and just plain fun.  Anyway any comments or questions are welcome, thanks for reading!
Revlon Moon Candy Galactic

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