Thursday, August 16, 2012

Purple, Purple, and MORE Purple!

As you guys who read my blog know I got one of the $200 Julep Maven Mystery boxes.  I couldn’t wait to actually use my polishes plus I have a fancy function tonight so I made my nails look lovely.

The base coat for all my nails except my ring finger is Juleps Gayle, I think this may be one of my new favorite colors.  These were opaque in two coats the only real problem was the brush that came with it.  It was so wonky and crazy I think it’s just a bad brush because all the others were normal.  My ring finger is Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Purple Haste that nail took three coats to be opaque.  My middle finger has Love & Beauty by Forever 21 on it, it doesn’t have a name and after looking at the website I can’t really tell which one it is.  The dots on my index are done with Essie She’s Picture Perfect and the dots on my pinkie are Essie Sure Shot.
All in all I really like how these look and I think they’re going to be really nice for my night out tonight.  Oh and I also used Julep Basecoat and Fast Dry Topcoat on all my nails, since I haven’t taken this polish off yet we’ll see how the basecoat does with staining and what not.  The topcoat could be a little shinier I need to toss it on a few more manicures to be sure.
Well until next time!

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