Monday, August 13, 2012

August Mystery Box (YAY for tons of stuff!)

My day just got super duper awesome!  So everyone knows that this month Julep Maven did one of their Mystery Boxes;  I actually opted out of the August box this month.  So I was like hey I got an extra 20 bucks why not snag a mystery box.

To my delight I’m pretty sure I ended up with one of the $200 boxes!  It came with ten nail polishes: Fast Dry Topcoat, Basecoat, Maya, Jodie, Reese, Gayle, Audrey (I already have this one L) , Jennifer, Gwyneth, and Catherine.  I also received the Julep Reveal Nail Growth Revitalizing Serum and both Pomegranate Body Crème and Scrub.  All in all this is not too shabby a box.  I can’t wait to try out many of my polishes plus I did need new top and basecoats.

My son wanted to help me unbox it.

So many goodies!

Anyway after talking about all my goodies I should show y’all some nails, after all it is my favorite thing to do.  Yesterday I stopped at the store and picked up OPI’s Ger-minis set and I’ve been so into the cloud mani this week that I redid it with them.

This came out very dark and broody I love it!  The colors show much more outside in the sun.  I ended up using Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!, Unfor-gretably Blue, and Suzi & the 7 Dusseldorfs.  If you’re looking for a subtle beautiful look for your nails this is perfect.  Until next time!

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