Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 6 Purple (31 Day Nail Challenge)

Hey guys this is going to be a super short post.  I had a really long day so that's why this is so late in the evening.

Anyway here are my purple nails.  I went and bought Spoiled Checkin' into Rehab and I'm kinda sad because you can't really see the true beauty of this color. 

This is a Bright purple with violet sparkles all throughout it; it's pretty awesome actually.  Also, on my middle finger, I put some Orly Can't be Tamed but its kinda difficult to see as well. :(  This was three coats and you still can see nail line in the pictures, maybe four would have gotten rid of it but I'm not sure.  Also, excuse the cuticles washing my hands thirty times a day kills my hands.

For black and white I'm gonna do some stamping, it feels like it has been eons since I've done it so I'm excited.

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  1. heya,
    i have tagged you in the Liebster award on my blog